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101TOKYO, Japan’s New Contemporary Art Fair hosted a performance by critically acclaimed Chinese artists The Gao Brothers, at the fair venue on Saturday April 5th 2008.

This was the first time The Gao Brothers performed in Japan.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the Gao Brother’s first ever performance in Japan. This work is a literal interpretation of what 101TOKYO stands for – capturing the dynamism of the Asian contemporary art scene and connecting people” said Agatha Wara, Director of the fair.

The Gao Brothers (Gao Qiang, born 1962 and Gao Zhen, born 1956) are a pair of artist brothers based in Beijing, China. Their 20-year collaboration has generated an oeuvre of socially charged performance art, sculpture and photography that casts a critical eye on China and the West. Their Tokyo performance was the latest in their series of World Hug Day / The Utopia of Hugging, where large groups of strangers participate in a mass hugging event.

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